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TUMAMOC: People & Habitats

  • An 860-acre ecological reservation in the midst of Tucson, Arizona
  • United States National Historic Landmark
  • United States Archaeological District
  • An Arizona Environmental Study Area

Tumamoc Hill will be Tucson's gift to tomorrow, a microcosm of research, education, creativity and respect that shows what the world can do to save its precious natural legacy and cultural history. 

Tumamoc will always be open space, a hallowed refuge for people and nature. Investigators and visitors will come to see and to study its natural ecosystems and the traces of the city's ancient people. 

Tumamoc Hill — a 2300-year-old abandoned settlement perches on its mesa top and the rich cultural context of two millennia of human society lie at its feet.

   Tumamoc is managed by the University of Arizona College of Science and Pima County, Arizona.