Hiking up Tumamoc Hill

The gently sloped, paved road up Tumamoc Hill gives you one of the finest walks in the Tucson area. It rises over 700 feet from bottom to top. Some well-traveled walkers even claim Tumamoc is the best walk in all North America.

The scenery and wildlife are rejuvenating. And the company is pretty good, too! Bring your mother. Bring your nephew. Bring your best friends. But please leave your pets at home; the Hill can be a dangerous place for them and they can upset our wildlife.

Come on! Join the crowd. But NOT between 7:30 AM and 5:30 PM Mon-Fri. That's when the one-lane road is too dangerous for pedestrians, and walking is not allowed. Sorry about that, and also about the very short supply of parking spots in the neighborhood. But you would hate us if we turned the Hill into a parking lot. Wouldn't you? Our society already has enough parking lots.

Stay on the road. Use common sense.
Do not destroy anything — even if you think it is poisonous.
And thank the University because there is no charge.