TUMAMOC teaches!

When the UA bought Tumamoc Hill from the USA in July 1960, it promised to use it for research & teaching forever. The Congress insisted on that promise and put it in the 1958 Act of Congress that permitted the sale. The promise is even in UA's deed of ownership!
Education was a new pledge. Research, yes. But never before had the Hill's owner promised education or pursued it. Yet we are the University of Arizona. Our commitment to education is part of our heritage and our mission. So the promise of education was natural.  
Today the Hill sees its duty as much more than the education of university students. Through its trained docents, it conducts educational programs for those that walk its path. It offers evening talks in the many disciplines that its researchers pursue — talks that combine interesting subjects with unusual depth of explanation. It reaches out to younger students, too, especially those in the TUSD schools in its vicinity. It is particularly proud of the environmental programs of Manzo Elementary and very happy to have had a little bit to do with them. (And it will miss working with Brichta School and its environmental programs, which TUSD had to close because of financial constraints.)
Browse these education pages to see our educational activities. But do not miss the online resource called LIFE FORMS. There you can learn about the many plants and animals of Tumamoc: hundreds of species — hundreds — so we'll be adding to this resource as time goes by.

University classes
Lectures in the Library

Walkers study the special exhibition of current research on the Hill.

 Tumamoc is managed by the University of Arizona College of Science and Pima County, Arizona.