Volunteer at Tumamoc

Tumamoc is a great place to contribute your time and energy.


Whether you can afford only an occasional few hours or want to spend more time,
— your help will be valuable.

Whether you come with special skills or just a desire to help out,
— you will be sincerely appreciated.

How you can get started —

Call Cynthia Anson (629-9455) or Clark Reddin (629-9459)
to ask for more information.
Or send us an email: cynthiaanson@email.arizona.edu
  • Join our Docent Corps
  • Become a Tucson Bird Counter
  • Assist with the "New Ecosystems" project
  • Conduct survey and evaluation research
  • Drive UA vans for special events
  • Be a greeter and usher at special events
  • Contribute clerical suport
  • Help with small maintenance projects
  • Help catalogue, digitize and maintain the library
  • Help organize, catalogue and scan archival materials
Let's get going.
May it be said of us that we nurtured and grew
this unique and wonderful ancestral gift
to our community and our Nation.