Tumamoc needs your voice

Advocate for Tumamoc!

Many Tucsonans – even natives – may have heard of Tumamoc
— but they have no idea where it is!
Others may know where it is
— but have no idea what it is, or what it does.

Tumamoc has been called Tucson's best kept secret.
That's a real shame.
It deprives people of the pride they have a right to feel for this unique place.
It limits the number of people who take advantage of what the Hill has to offer.
It restricts development of Tumamoc's facilities and programs.

Together we can fix that.


  • Use this website

  • Learn about the Hill's past

  • Keep up with its research

  • Stay aware of its programs


  • Everywhere

  • No gathering is too small

  • None is too large

  • Be positive & enthusiastic

  • Don't forget your University friends (and their bosses)


  • Our web address (tumamoc.org)

  • Your plans to attend an event

  • Invite friends to walk with you

  • Take pictures of what you do on the Hill and add them to Facebook.


  • Your political leaders

  • Newspapers & TV

  • Social media

  • Tell them how much you enjoyed a Hill experience

  • Tell them why the Hill is important

Let's get going.
May it be said of us that we nurtured and grew
this unique and wonderful ancestral gift
to our community and our Nation.