Leo Mirocha

  Tumamoc's new website

     Tumamoc's website is a complex affair. Like the Hill itself, it is part museum and part workshop, part gallery and part kiosk. So each page has to be crafted to suit its own function.
     The new website is an infant, and has a lot of growing to do. We are composing dozens of new pages for it and will be posting them as time allows.
     Meanwhile, the day came to put this baby to work.
     We will keep a linked list of new pages ("What's new" under the Events tab) so that you can come back every month or so and catch up on the latest baby pictures.

Michael Rosenzweig, Director

Acknowledgments and thanks:
  • To Paul Mirocha, Leo's dad and resident Tumamoc artist, whose advice and fine graphic & photographic contributions make this site infinitely better than it would otherwise have been
  • To Beth Kinsey for her site fireflyforest.com, and for permitting us to use it liberally
  • To Dave Parizek for his expert programming work adapting Beth's site for University of Arizona use.
And "hats off" to Cynthia Anson & Clark Reddin, my cohorts on the Hill,
         for help in planning the site and for feedback as I carried out our plans.